Conference chairs

David Weissbrodt (chair)

IWA MEWE and E3 MC member 


David Weissbrodt is Assistant Professor for Environmental Life Science Engineering. He unravels and engineers microbiomes for biorefinery, water, and health services by integrating environmental systems biology and process engineering. In 2019 he received the inaugural IWA MEWE Early Career Researcher Award. He chaired with Merle de Kreuk the "IWA Biofilms: Granular Sludge Conference 2018" in Delft on top of international symposia and workshops at the frontiers of microbiology, engineering, and education.      

Mark van Loosdrecht (co-chair)

IWA MEWE, NRR and Biofilms MC member 


Mark van Loosdrecht is Full Professor for Environmental Biotechnology. Starting from microbial ecology principles, he pioneered new-generation technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery involving, e.g., BCFS, Sharon, Anammox, Nereda, Kaumera. Among several awards, he received the Lee Kuan Yew Singapore Water Prize, Stockholm Water Prize, and IWA Grand Award. With his peers, he initiated international events, like the IWA Leading Edge Conferences on Water and Wastewater Technologies.                                   
Conference management 
(BlueBox Events- TU Delft)    
  • Nicole Fontein
  • Romy Zaat

 IWA MEWE MC board    

  • Barth Smets (MEWE chair) 
  • Ameet Pinto (MEWE secretary)

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