MEWE2021 encourages submissions within microbial ecology and water practice across a variety of related disciplines and fields. Papers may address, but are not restricted to, the main theme from any of the following sub-themes. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.

  1. Microbial ecology and the water sector
  2. Microbial processes in the water chain (surface water, groundwater, drinking water, wastewater systems)
  3. New microbial processes for water engineering
  4. Theoretical microbial ecology and process engineering theory
  5. Engineering and managing microbial communities
  6. Systems microbiology and process engineering
  7. At-line wet-lab/dry-lab bioanalytical and omics workflows
  8. (Waste)water-based epidemiology, microbial risk assessment
  9. Microbiological and engineering education for water management and sanitation
  10. Water practice: microbiological, technological, scalability and legislation underpinnings across regions
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